01. Creation of land-site prototype (3 pages);
02. Writing of selling texts;
03. Unique design
04. Form style
05. Adaptive layout for mobile devices
06. Connection land-site to CMS for content control
07. Domain and hosting for six month
08. Controlling advertising campaign at Yandex Direct up to 5000 key words
09. Controlling behavioral Yandex advertising system;
10. Controlling advertising campaign at Google Adwords


01. Add/change information on site;
02. Programming, adding new functionality;
03. Working on design - banners, promotions, festive design of the site, etc.;
04. Creation of backups for site;
05. Restoring website functionality in case of any troubles;
06. Checking for viruses, technical errors, broken links;
07. Monitoring domain and hosting renewal;
08. E-mail setup, adding emails for domain;
09. Advice on working with website;
10. Monthly progress report;

Search Engine

01. Analysis of topics and ranking in your competitive environment;
02. Selection of queries for the semantic kernel;
03. Text writing and placement on promoted pages;
04. Technical optimization;
05. Own services to achieve the maximum result;
06. Development of the strategy of "link" promotion of the site;
07. Regular placement in Internet directories and on portals;
08. Analysis of the reference structure of your site;
09. Regular work on increasing CTR;
10. Drilling commercial factors of your site;

Social Media

01. Development of a presence strategy;
02. Creating communities in social networks;
03. Targeted advertising in social networks;
04. Advertising in popular public pages;
05. Carrying out of competitions;
06. Organization of photo shooting;
07. Promotion of videos in YouTube;
08. Advertising with popular bloggers;
09. Work with reputation;
10. Advertising on forums;


01. Audit of existing e-mail marketing campaign;
02. Branding of site letters;
03. Domain validation for distribution;
04. Conducting campaigns and collecting statistics;
05. Design of the layout, icons, product maps;
06. Letter design and adaptive layout;
07. Downloading to the service and preparing the dispatch for sending;
08. Letters with a request to leave a response;
09. Growth of the base and its processing;
10. Testing in mail programs;

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